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File format
First of all, you should be aware that all downloads are in PDF format* and so you should ensure you have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.
If you do not have this software installed, you can download it for free via this link:
* DigiStamps are available as PNG files or a Zip compressed folders containing PNG files. You will need WinZip to open the zip files. Click here for the free download of this software.

You should ensure you have Acrobat Reader installed before attempting to purchase any downloads from this site. This is because one you have made payment the download will automatically start and the file will open.

Purchasing Method
The preferred method of payment is via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account you can open one very easily by following this link:

If you prefer not to make payments online, you can send a cheque or postal order and your files can be sent to you via email. Should you require your files on a CD, a small additional charge will be levied to cover the cost of the CD and postage & packing. If this is the case, please email us for a quote before sending your payment.

Copying files
It is quite alright for you to make duplicates of these files for backing-up, to ensure you don’t lose them.
However, you are not allowed to copy these files for sharing or resale. This constitutes an illegal act under criminal law as this material is copyright protected. Likewise it would be illegal to print out these files and sell them as they are.


Downloading files
Once you have decided to purchase a product, click on the ‘buy download’ text which is underlined. You will be taken to another page which will verify the product you have chosen by title, price and image. If you are sure you wish to purchase, click on the ‘buy now’ button.

You will now be taken to a shopping cart page which will again verify the title of the file you are purchasing. Ensure that the quantity reads as ‘1’, as you will not need more than one download but if this box is inadvertently reading 2 you will be charged for 2.

Click on the PayPal logo and go through the payment process as directed.

Once you have completed your payment, click on the message to return to this website. You should be presented with a page which states that your download is pending, and shortly afterwards your PDF file will open on your screen.
It is very important that you allow this download to happen at this point and not return to shop for other items straight away as the link will be lost and you will then need to email us to retrieve your download, which causes you unnecessary delays.

Saving files
To save your download, look along the top bar and find ‘page’. Pull this menu down to’save’. Inside the save window it is very important that you give your download file a name which will help you to identify it. For logistical reasons, every downloadable file on this site is called ‘download’ and so if you forget to do this step each successive file will overwrite the last. Also, in this window you can control where your file will go.

It is recommended that you open a folder for all your downloads from this site and call it something like ‘Candice Crafts Downloads’. That way you’ll be able to locate them very easily. It is also recommended that you make a back-up of your downloaded files onto CD in case you have problems with your computer at a later date.

Once you have successfully saved your downloaded file you can close the PDF window. To return to the shop pages, click on the 'back' arrow.

Multiple purchases
In order to keep product costs on this website low the shopping cart system has been designed for single purchases only. If you wish to make multiple purchases, please email us to let us know you have placed an order and we will send your files via email.

Not received your download?
If you have made a single purchase but have not, for any reason, received your download, please email us as soon as possible. wWhile Paypal informs us of every sale, we have no way of knowing if your download has failed. In this instance we will email your files at our earliest opportunity.

File sizes
All download files are less than 1.5mb in size unless stated otherwise next to the download button in each case.

Selling your cards
It is not a breach of copyright for you to make cards using the resources on this site and then sell them - in fact you are encouraged to do so!


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